Establishing a Successful Decarbonization Program

In recent years, the growing focus on sustainability from investors, employees, customers, and regulators has motivated many companies to reduce their carbon emissions and transition to clean energy sources. 

As the business sector gains a more sophisticated level of understanding around climate change, there has been an increased recognition that sustainability efforts must extend beyond a company’s direct operations.

Addressing Carbon Emissions Across the Supply Chain

Disruptions caused by climate impacts have exposed the vulnerability of supply chains, along with the growing concern that critical suppliers may not be adequately prepared for the clean energy transition. As a result, more companies recognize the urgent business imperative to engage and partner with suppliers to address carbon emissions across their entire value chains. 

'Going To Where the Emissions Are'

For many companies, addressing these emissions is essential to achieving corporate sustainability goals and increasing supply chain continuity. However, addressing emissions beyond your company's control can often seem daunting and complex - that's why Alfa Energy's parent company, Edison Energy are pleased to share their brand-new whitepaper on establishing a successful decarbonization program.

Inside This Whitepaper

  • Addressing supply chain emissions and the challenges this brings
  • The importance of a strategic, systematic approach to supplier engagement
  • Adopting the three pillars of success approach: data, education and engagement, and implementation:

         - Data: A roadmap for complex challenges

         - Education & Engagement: Aligning aspirations

         - Implementation: Driving impact together
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Scope 3 Emissions Solutions

Download our Scope 3 emissions solutions overview to explore:

    • The challenges of measuring your organization's scope 3 emissions
    • Scope 3 Emissions: Long term decarbonization strategy  
    • Our Sustainability Services 
    • Our Global Advisory Solutions

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Webinar: Taking Your Supply Chain to Net Zero

Watch the webinar to learn about the practical steps global organizations can take to bring their supply chains to net zero.


    • The challenges faced by companies with global supply chains
    • The importance of addressing supply chain emissions
    • Key components of a successful supply chain decarbonization strategy
    • Tools available for assessing your supply chain emissions
    • The Honda Approach: A best practice case study on setting a net-zero CO2 target across an entire supply chain

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