Net Zero and ESG solutions for UK Businesses

In June 2019, in response to the climate crisis, the UK government committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. With mounting pressure from investors, financial markets and customers demanding ESG action, for many businesses achieving net zero is a gamechanger.

The journey from here to 2050 will be dominated by forward-thinking, data-driven, energy-savvy, climate-conscious businesses that have an eye firmly fixed on achieving their own net zero targets which supersede this deadline.

We agree with the Climate Change Committee, that 2030 is the key date, if 2050 is the thing we care about.

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Nikki Wilson, Compliance and Carbon Reporting Manager at Alfa Energy Group, discusses the challenges and solutions for UK businesses looking to prepare for a net zero future.

Being a Responsible Business

Being a responsible business isn’t about having everything wrapped up today. It’s about understanding the net zero challenge, establishing where you are now, developing a plan and setting it in motion.

No matter where you are starting from, we are here to help you progress.

Q1 2023: Renewables Market Update Report

A comprehensive analysis of North American and European renewable energy markets, current PPA pricing developments, policy movement, and trends shaping the global renewable energy landscape.

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Equilibrium - Your Net Zero Strategy

Equilibrium is our solution for you. Setting and achieving net zero emissions while optimising energy cost and consumption to maintain growth.












Plot your progress, evidence your success

It’s important to be able to track and easily report on your progress towards net zero.

VISION is our Energy and Sustainability platform that allows you to do exactly that.

Plot your progress, evidence your success

"As we develop our carbon strategy and Science-Based Targets, we are leaning on Alfa Energy’s expertise to get us on the right track in terms of data and baseline."
Anna Baker, Head of Sustainability, The Carey Group


FACT: Our experience shows that forward-thinking businesses are finding opportunities to introduce greater efficiencies, by looking more forensically at their business operations. These in turn are reducing rather than increasing their operational costs.

Case Study: The Carey Group

Case Study: The Carey Group

Alfa Energy Group supports this leading UK construction firm in meeting its net zero ambitions using Science Based Targets.

Podcast: The Field Studies Council

Podcast: The Field Studies Council

Andy Pratt, Head of Group (South) at the Field Studies Council, shares his perspective on setting a course for net zero.


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Your guide to setting and achieving your climate goals.

This guide covers:

  • Assess the Business Case and Align on Ambition
  • Measure Your Starting Point
  • Evaluate and Set Your Goals
  • Develop a Pathway to Achieve Your Goals
  • Leadership Signoff
  • Strategy Implementation 
  • Management 

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